Custom Framing

Preservation/Conservation Framing Methods:

Artwork requires special attention because of the importance of the piece to the owner. We use materials that are appropriate to the need of the art. We will fully take the time to work with you in order to answer all of your questions. Preservation framing allows the art to be housed properly and insure a long life.

The matting, the substrate and the glazing (glass) are all archival. The method of attaching the art is also important. Using hinging materials allows the artwork to be completely removable from the package. The goal is to create a package where the materials used are completely reversible, without leaving any residue or impressions.

It is also important to note that there are constant changes in the environment. Fluctuation of humidity and temperature in one’s home/business can and will have an effect on art and framing. It is important for the owner to periodically check the art for any adverse changes. Another factor would be exposure to direct sunlight and fluorescent light which can alter the pigments of the art. The art itself could also present an issue due to the materials the artist used in creating the piece.


Museum grade mat board
Alpha Cellulose mat board
UV filtering glazing
Acid-free mounting boards/RAG mounting boards


Our inspiration for design comes from the art and the owner of the art. This is the partnership which ensures effective creativity. We strive to bring quality craftsmanship and fresh innovation to the design table. We look forward to every creation.