Fine Art

M&H Custom Framing and Gallery is proud and privileged to promote artisans
both locally and internationally. Currently showing in our gallery:

Patrick Walsh

Born and raised in Bucks County, PA, Patrick is known for his “gentle, realistic renderings” of his beloved county’s landscape. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Mr. Walsh revealed his creative versatility in 1998, when he first exhibited his abstract paintings with the prestigious National Academy of Design Museum on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, on New York City’s Museum Mile. He has taken his skill to the streets of Doylestown, PA and has created a pen and ink series titled “While Doylestown Sleeps” capturing the town in the late evening hours with an abstract quality. The stroke of his brush or pen transports the viewer to see as Mr. Walsh sees.

Tom McKinney

Mr. McKinney is a prolific watercolorist and portrait artist. He studied at the John Hussian School of Art and the Philadelphia College of Art. He paints that which he loves in life; “I am a day to day realist and I like to capture the real person.” Mr. McKinney’s love for jazz music infuses his art with a lyrical sense of storytelling. His rich watercolors are a magnificent portrayal of the black community. They are timeless, touching and have a great quality of familiarity.

Karen Eckelmeyer

Her choice of medium is the colored pencil, and the style of Ms. Eckelmeyer is amazing in detail. She is self-taught and the brilliance of her work comes from her ability to see lights and darks with incredible accuracy. Ms. Eckelmeyer’s work portrays her love of nature. She draws from her heart and truly expresses the joyous and kind spirit of her soul.

Michael Kuyper

Mr. Kuyper studied at the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia. His passion for sports is depicted in the oil paintings of stadiums. The first was “The House that Ruth Built,” Yankee Stadium, circa 1992. Four more stadium paintings, Connie Mack, Ebbets Field, Fenway Park and Comiskey Park shortly followed. They are available as lithographic prints. His latest painting commemorates the historical Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series win. It is called “Phinally!” and is available as a limited edition giclee of 2008 and a signed open edition lithograph. Mr. Kuyper is not defined solely by his sports images. Also at the gallery are original landscape oils on canvas that have a soft, romantic quality that capture a moment in time.

Kelly Lutz

Fine art photography is this artist’s medium. Based in historic Bucks County, Ms. Lutz has had a camera in her hands for as long as she can remember. Kelly’s rich artistic background, eye for detail and enthusiasm for photography combine to give you a collection of images that capture a feeling that continually draws the viewer in. Perspectives

Joanne Turner

Creative pursuits have always been important in the life of Ms. Turner. Whether making clothes for her troll dolls at age seven or painting posters in high school, to refining quilting techniques that go beyond patterned symmetry, she has loved art in all its forms. Ms. Turner’s medium of choice is pastel. As the chalk touches the paper her art will touch the viewer and evoke an emotional response. “If you feel it, I have succeeded.”

Addie Hocynec

“Even as a youngster I was always fascinated with color. In 1992, I began painting dyes on silk. Vibrant sensuous color is what first attracted me to this medium. My paintings reflect my love of color with all its variations and subtle nuances. Nature, with all its moods continues to be my inspiration, however I am frequently drawn to the abstract. Letting my imagination roam freely and acting spontaneously to capture these images is quite exhilarating! In addition to dyes on silk, I work in pastels, oils, acrylics, photography, and fractals. For me, painting is a process of discovery – a willingness to explore what each medium has to offer.”

- Addie Hocynec

Marybeth Hucker

Marybeth Hucker is a self-taught artist working mostly in oils. After spending 13 happy years as an elementary art teacher, Marybeth decided it was time to be the artist. She resigned her teaching positions, converted her daughter’s bedroom into a studio and let the art adventure begin. She enjoys painting small still lifes of common items in her everyday environment and likes to challenge herself to paint daily. The interplay of light and shadows is central to her painting style. She is a lifelong Montgomery County resident and currently resides in Horsham.

Sue Peltzman

She creates her intricate and detailed pieces for clients world-wide from her studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and continues to experiment and discover new ways to provide for her customers from the plethora of infinite possibilities.

Sue has perfected the crafted medium of metals, using a variety of top-end silver and gold, accompanied by the ideal pairing of natural stones, rubies and gems. No two pieces are comparable, as each design is either customized with the particular client in mind, designed personally with the direction of the client, or inspired by Sue to stand on its own.

She received her training at the finest art institutes in America from The Museum School of Fine Arts at Tufts University in Boston to The Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia. Previously, her work has been displayed at various exhibitions and shows throughout Philadelphia and New York.